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How to Keep Your Scanner Clean

Making sure your scanner is in tip top condition is the key to the life of your equipment and good quality image scans. Experts recommend that a scanner flat bed be cleaned about every 100 scans and that the rollers inside be cleaned every 3,000 to 5,000 documents. Usually the glass flat bed of a scanner can be cleaned with glass cleaner, but the interior is trickier, many times requiring the help of a professional or the use of a scanner roller kit. To perform a maintenance cleaning at home, you will need:1. Non-streak glass cleaner2. Soft, lint-free cloth3. Can of compressed air4. Mild soap/detergent5. Scanner roller kit (optional)To Clean the Scanner Bed:A good scanner bed is made out of glass, and as we all know, glass can get dirty and dusty at the drop of a hat. And a scanner that is not crystal clear makes for an image that can be distorted or look soiled. To begin, spray the glass cleaner on your non-abrasive cloth. Wipe glass bed until you have gotten rid of all fingerprints and debris. Then, wi...


How to Make Your Own Business Card Magnets

People give out business cards all the time, but often they get lost in the pile of other business cards that your contacts are constantly being bombarded with. To make sure that you business gets noticed, one tactic is to make a business card that really stands out. A simple idea that is used by very few people is to make magnetic business cards that can be easily stuck on the refrigerator. To make business card magnets simply go to the computer and use Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator for the design. Making the design is simple, just open the imagination and let the software do the rest. The file does not have to be saved until such time as the final project is made. Print the design on paper to test out the design first. Use Microsoft Word Business Card template option. Don't confuse this with the other templates as there are more than ten to choose from. You may want to experiment with different colors and template designs. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can print them on magnetic card ...


What's the difference between litho and digital print?

What's the difference between litho and digital print?The most obvious difference between printing your business cards lithographically and digitally, is the quality. The second difference will usually be price.Generally speaking the ground rules are:·The quality of litho print is better than the quality of digital print.·But the set-up process of litho printing is expensive, which makes small print runs uneconomical·However, once the litho press is set up, the cost per unit is very low.·The set-up process of digital printing is fast and cheap, making low runs (or even one-off documents), relatively cost effective.·But the cost per unit is more expensive with digital printing, so larger print runs become more expensive than litho runs.·If you're printing large blocks of colour, gradients or tints, digital print will often cause problems with pixelating or banding of the image (not good)·You can't always overprint digitally printed materials, meaning you might not be able to overprint your...


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