How to Make Your Own Business Card Magnets

People give out business cards all the time, but often they get lost in the pile of other business cards that your contacts are constantly being bombarded with. To make sure that you business gets noticed, one tactic is to make a business card that really stands out. A simple idea that is used by very few people is to make magnetic business cards that can be easily stuck on the refrigerator.

To make business card magnets simply go to the computer and use Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator for the design. Making the design is simple, just open the imagination and let the software do the rest. The file does not have to be saved until such time as the final project is made.

Print the design on paper to test out the design first. Use Microsoft Word Business Card template option. Don't confuse this with the other templates as there are more than ten to choose from. You may want to experiment with different colors and template designs. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can print them on magnetic card stock. Try out one sheet first to make sure the alignment is correct and also try to cut out the magnets.

For lamination, simply bring them to a shop that can laminate the cards. There are lamination machines which could also be bought if you are planning on making a lot of business cards. If it is for personal use, get one that is economical but if it is for a business, then get something for industrial use.

Now, if doing it yourself is not attractive because of the hard work, then you can stick to just designing the magnet and can even use one of the default business card templates. Create the design that you want for the magnetic business cards and then find a printing company who can do the rest of the process for you. Usually, you don't even have to go to the printers yourself. Simply log into their website and send off the electronic file from your computer to them. Allow at least a few days for them to be printed, although some copy shops or office supply stores can probably print them right away. Once printed, you can either go in and pick them up or have them mailed directly to you.

If you do it yourself, you can do the whole project in a day with minimal costs. However, if you ask a printing company to do it, it may take a few days for completion and an additional day or two to deliver. It is best to use printers located locally rather than out of state if cost and time are an issue.

The cost of having magnetic business cards is definitely higher, but if you have a product, service, or business that lots of people need, then the return on investment will definitely be worth it as the magnet will likely remain on their refrigerator for a long time. People often use such magnets to hold up other important papers, so they are useful to them and once the time comes when they need your service, your magnet will be right in front of them.


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